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Medical marijuana is new to a lot of people. How to use the products once you have gained your authorization by a Doctor at Green Health. Vape pens are popular with patients because of the portability, and how easy it is to vaporize.

Step One:

Plug it in

You must charge the battery before use. Some may come half way charged, being sure to fully charge the battery before use will extend the battery’s life.

Step Two:

Read all instructions that come with the pen. This seems obvious, but most people will not do this step!

Step Three:

Load the pen

If you have a cartridge, then screw it onto the battery (it only goes on one way) until its secured to the battery. You are now ready to use your pen.

Step Four:

Press the button, and inhale!

Press and hold the button while you inhale from the tip. You will blow out a vapor (it looks like smoke, but its not!) with very minimal scent. You should start to feel the effects almost instantly.

Use as directed.

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