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Medical Marijuana Doctor Jacksonville

Green Health allows you to connect with a qualified marijuana doctors in Jacksonville, FL, and begin your wellness journey. Our qualified doctors assist you from eligibility checks, medical evaluation, application for a marijuana card, and even accessing medical cannabis supplies.

Qualified Doctors with Medical Marijuana License

At Green Health, we consider providing Medical marijuana services a serious job. It’s the reason we have qualified marijuana doctors with a license to prescribe medical cannabis in-house. We aim to connect you with these professionals so you can start your wellness journey with marijuana at the most affordable rates.

Anyone willing to initiate a journey towards better living using marijuana can find the best medical marijuana doctor here. The professionals have enough qualifications and extensive research and accreditation by the state to serve in the relevant field.

Professionalism Meet Precision at our medical marijuana clinic

Are you afraid of contacting a clinic to get your cannabis prescription? We can understand it can be difficult to step out and make the bold move of choosing medical cannabis as your treatment. However, at our Jacksonville Beach marijuana clinic, we let you be at peace.

Here you will meet our professional and compassionate marijuana doctor who understand your pain and pay attention to your needs. They follow ethical practices to evaluate, prescribe, and help patients to apply for a marijuana card.

Accurate Prescription:

Our doctors are keen to detail and ensure you get a suitable prescription for your medical condition. They take care of everything from suggesting you’re the strain to setting up the dose.

Assist in Marijuana Card Aquisition:

The cannabis doctors at Green Health are qualified to help you get your medical marijuana card. They help you through the application, gathering documents, submissions, and follow-ups.

Suggesting Dispensaries:

We are cannabis experts and connect you with reputed and licensed dispensaries. You will get the best strains at the most affordable prices. 

medical marijuana card jacksonville

Who Can Get Medical Marijuana Card in Jacksonville?​

Individuals diagnosed with qualifying medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis, among others, can get Jacksonville medical marijuana Cards.

Our Medical Cannabis Clinic Facility

Green Health is very particular about its in-house facility. We are eager to provide you with the best services following a high-end setup and a welcoming ambiance. Our focus is to make the clinic a comfortable space for all patients so they can relate to the place and feel connected.

Knowledgeable Medical Staff

At Green Health, we pay attention to the training and knowledge of our care-providing staff and marijuana doctors. The staff is experienced, professional, and licensed to provide services at a medical marijuana clinic. They understand patients’ conditions and provide them with appropriate support or guidance throughout the visit.

State of the Art Equipment

From diagnosis to record keeping, we have the latest equipment and facility. These are well-maintained, tested, and accurate machines giving us the right results for the tests.

Well Managed Facility

At our medical marijuana clinic, we have ultimate facility management. There is accessibility equipment for patients, attendant seating spaces, and many other amenities. We take care of your comfort and provide you best in every manner.

Private and Clean Consultation Rooms

Our medical marijuana doctors have their private consultation rooms. Each room has soundproofing and 100% privacy to make our patients comfortable. You can discuss your problems with the doctors in 100% secrecy. These rooms are clean, fresh, and hygienic. Before every visit, we clean up the space and replace the examination tools to avoid contamination.

Information & Data Security Centers

At Green Health, we offer you green relief from pain or ailment. We take great care of your private information to ensure you get the best treatment without any compromises. Our data security centres are designed to keep patients’ private data secure and intact.

We have strict policies regarding data sharing. Keeping the highest standards of confidentiality, we comply with laws and regulations for medical marijuana in Jacksonville, FL.

Extensive Patient Support and Care

You will find our staff so caring, empathetic, and ready to address all your concern at our support counter. We have this specialized counter to assist patients with questions, concerns, confusion, or seeking immediate help with their supplies. The purpose is to make you feel heard and valued.

Dispensary Information and Guidance Station

Though our marijuana doctors are good enough to help you find the right dispensary, we also have a special information center. Please feel free to contact the counter to ask about the dispensary’s location, products, potential costing, and more.

What to Expect on Your Appointment?

On your appointment with a qualified marijuana doctor at Green Health medical marijuana clinic Jacksonville, you should remain calm. We have the best procedures to make your experience smooth and happen with us. Here is what will be waiting for you.

Meet Our Welcoming Reception Staff

Our responsive staff will welcome you at the reception. Here you need to confirm your identification for the appointment. Then you will be moved to the next spot.

Submit Your Medical Records

The staff will ask you to have a seat and submit your medical record. Do not worry; it’s a protocol for us to check your medical records before you meet the doctor. The staff will record your medical documents and hand you back the original.

Pass Through Basic Medical Record Keeping Procedure

The staff may ask you a few simple questions during the records-keeping procedure. We do the record-keeping to ensure you will be registered in our database. It helps form your treatment schedule and record your progress of appointments later.

Meet the Doctor

Once you finish the basic protocols, it’s time to meet the doctor. In a private consultation room, you will see a professional expert in medical marijuana prescription.

Get Eligibility Check / Medical Evaluation

You will have a good session with the doctor for a medical evaluation and a prescription. We do not time bound this session and let the patient and doctor have enough time to discuss the issues and evaluate the condition. You can relax and talk to a doctor about anything you want related to your health condition. On the other hand, the doctor will process your medical evaluation.

Receive Prescription

Once you are qualified for the marijuana prescription, the doctor will provide you with a detailed prescription. Our marijuana doctors provide you with every detail about the strain, form, and usage of marijuana. It helps you to get started with it.

Get Help to Apply for Card in Jacksonville

If it’s your first time and you are not registered for medical cannabis, our team will help you. The staff will guide you through acquiring an medical marijuana card.

  • Provide you with basic guidelines for the application
  • Let you access the official website to fill up the application form
  • A detailed prescription to attach with your application
  • Guide you about submitting an application

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Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Maintaining access to medical marijuana in Jacksonville requires renewing your marijuana card.

Understanding the Process: Medical cards are valid for one year from the issue date. To continue accessing your necessary treatments without interruption, renewing your card at least 45 days before expiration is crucial.

Consultation: Start the renewal process by scheduling a follow-up consultation with a qualified physician. This visit ensures you still meet the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. Remember, the relationship between patient and doctor is pivotal for a successful renewal process.

Application: Once your physician confirms that you still qualify, you must apply for a renewal through the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU).

Fees: A $75 state fee is required for card renewal, separate from any fees your physician charges for the consultation.

Waiting Period: After receiving your application and payment, iyour renewalgenerally takes about 10 business days fto process Once approved, you’ll receive a temporary ID via email, which you can use while waiting for your physical card to arrive.

Stay Compliant: Keep in mind it’s essential to follow the Florida medical marijuana laws at all times. Misuse can result in the loss of your card and legal penalties.

Get a Cheap Medical Marijuana Card From the best Marijuana Doctors in Jacksonville

Green Health – Jacksonville Medical Marijuana Doctors’ office serves the surrounding communities, including Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Bryceville, Callahan, and Orange Park. No referral is needed as long as you are a Florida resident. Call Green Health today to be seen by a trained medical marijuana doctor and get your cannabis card.

If you seek natural medicine that is less invasive than prescription drugs, Cannabis may be right for you. Green Health medical marijuana doctors in the Jacksonville office offer individualized Cannabis Therapeutics ™ and Cannabinoid Therapy ™. We offer flexible hours, easy scheduling, and non-invasive natural treatment plans.

Medical Cannabis is now available with the passing of Amendment 2 and the Florida Compassionate Care Act. Our Physicians will review your medical records and determine your eligibility for medical marijuana and medical marijuana products at the time of the appointment. Commonly known as card, marijuana recommendation, marijuana permit or medical marijuana authorization. We provide tons of marijuana educational information and resources. Schedule an appointment with our Jacksonville Medical Cannabis doctors to be seen for your medical marijuana card today.

Location Details:
Services Offered:
  • Medical Marijuana Evaluation
  • Cannabis Therapeutics ™
  • Cannabinoid Therapy ™
  • THC and CBD Education
  • Holistic Wellness exam
  • Medical Marijuana card
Office Hours:

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM

Clinic Hours:

Thursday, 10AM-4PM

  • 1. Are your Marijuana doctors in Jacksonville licensed to recommend medical marijuana?

    Yes, all our doctors at Green Health are fully licensed and certified to recommend medical marijuana. They have extensive knowledge and experience to even evaluate patients eligible for medical marijuana treatment and assist them in getting a medical card.

  • 2. How can I schedule an appointment for my medical marijuana card in Jacksonville Green Health?

    To get your medical card scheduling an appointment at Green Health is pretty simple. Call us at (888) 895-0187 and fix your appointment time with our attendant. We let you choose the take and time that suits your schedule.

  • 3. What medical conditions make me qualify for FL medical marijuana Jacksonville Beach treatment?

    According to state law, numerous conditions can help you be eligible for medical cannabis treatment. Most prominent are chronic pain, PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma. These are not the only conditions that make anyone eligible for medical marijuana. Upon examination, our experienced doctors can determine whether your condition meets the qualifying criteria.

  • 4. What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

    You must bring all relevant medical records or documentation supporting your qualifying condition. These records include medical reports, diagnostic test results, or previous prescriptions.

  • 5. Can you connect me to a cheap medical marijuana doctor in Jacksonville?

    At Green Health, we connect you with the most affordable medical marijuana doctors. They are experts in medical marijuana and keen to serve you with a dedication to improving your standard of healthy living.

  • 6. What should I expect during my visit to Green Health's medical marijuana clinic?

    During your visit, you can expect to meet our compassionate and knowledgeable doctor, who will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation leads to your eligibility for medical marijuana treatment.

    Once qualified, the doctor will provide you with a written recommendation and prescription. Later, our team will guide you through obtaining your medical marijuana card from the Florida Department of Health.

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