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The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is growing in popularity all around the United States. As we know here at Green Health, our state of Florida is indeed no different.

In recent news, The Florida Department of Health awarded seven local Florida “treatment centers” licensing to offer their products to people who have have been seen by their doctor and the doctor has recommended cannabis as a treatment plan, those conditions include Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and patients suffering from PTSD along with many other conditions.

Florida medical marijuana treatment centers (dispensaries) are working tirelessly to normalize the use of medicinal cannabis.

Who needs a medical marijuana doctor and how is it being normalized?

Many patients see their primary doctor and their doctor is not able to recommend cannabis because of where they work. Many physicians refer their patients to Green Health because of the professional and compassionate approach their patients needs and conditions. Medical cannabis comes in many different types of forms and its important the physician you see is trained and educated on what dosing and forms are appropriate. More recently people have been using tinctures and drops, as well as topical medication. Marijuana is recommended to thousands of people to help with various ailments. In other states, it’s commonly used for eating disorders to conditions like nausea and anxiety, as well as HIV and AIDS. It can also be used by those undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer.

Based on the overwhelming amount of votes amendment 2 received on November 8, 2016 the people of Florida state are adamant about normalizing the use of marijuana for medication so that people can not only get the relief they need, but feel safe and comfortable in doing so. They are “normalizing” it by opening high-end state-sanctioned dispensaries offering medication in almost any form one could imagine. Currently, there is seven dispensing organizations which have the ability to open dispensaries across the state, a few have opened and more are on the way. Delivery is currently available statewide.

How can I get certified and where can I find a dispensary close to me?

Getting certified to use medical marijuana in Florida is going to require the certification of your ailment or illness by your doctor. Contact us and we can walk you through the process, we can even order your medical records from your doctor for you during the time of you establishing care.

Here are Green Health, you are able to be seen face to face with a licensed doctors that will begin your treatment process, evaluate your illness and determine if medical marijuana is right for you.

Recently Florida opened their first dispensaries located at 800 Capital Circle SE in Tallahassee and 24761 US Highway 19 North 630 in Clearwater, and there are several more coming to surrounding cities. If you are currently suffering from a qualifying condition, you can schedule an appointment online.

Trulieve and the first Dispensary

In the race to open the first legal dispensary in the state of Florida, there were many licensed producers who wanted to get the bid. Trulieve inevitably was offered the opportunity and are now authorized to sell their products in their Florida’s medical marijuana storefronts.

The Bottom Line

While marijuana has always come with a stigma, it is now being put into a brighter light, proving itself to be medically useful for a variety of conditions. Even if you live a ways from the dispensary in either Clearwater, Tampa or Tallahassee, you can rest assured that thanks to the ‘normalization’ of medical marijuana there will be dispensaries popping up throughout the state in the very near future.

Those with qualifying conditions can be seen now at Green Health and begin their process for their Florida medical marijuana card.

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