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The KNOX cannabis nursery is a second-generation, family-owned business and is committed to providing the highest quality services and care. The State of Florida has given license to only 6 dispensing organizations for growing, refining, processing, dispensing, and transporting medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is given only to registered patients or personal caregivers and the State of Florida strictly prohibits the growth of medical marijuana for personal purpose. KNOX received approval in 2016 and is now fulfilling orders from qualified patients and their physicians.

The company carries a range of low THC/high-CBD medical cannabis products in order to meet the unique requirements of individual patients. It also dispenses oil drops (tinctures), as well as vape cartridges. The company has been awarded 5 licenses in Florida for the production of medical cannabis. Since then, the KNOX team of engineers, growers, experts, and researchers have started producing industry leading KNOX CANNABIS medications for patients. All these products undergo rigorous purity standards using state-of-the-art technology for testing and inspecting medical cannabis. Most of the advanced analytical testing techniques are used in the areas of pesticides, potency, heavy metals, residual solvents, Ochratoxins, Aflatoxins, terpenes, and microbiologic contaminants. Thus, Knox Cannabis is safe for human consumption and completely free of toxic substances and contaminants. Producing superior quality medical cannabis is the main objective of the company.

“KNOX Alcor CBD” and “Baldor Hybrid” – For Treating Chronic Conditions

The KNOX Alcor CBD and Baldor Hybrid are specifically formulated for treating various chronic conditions, such as clinical depression, muscle spasms, stress, pain, as well as general and specific inflammation. Alcor is the premier, non-euphoria-inducing, low-THC cannabis of KNOX Medical. Patients will feel energetic and uplifted as stress, nerve tremors, and anxiety melt away. It is also beneficial for treating epilepsy and other disorders. The Baldor Hybrid is used for pain relief throughout the day, helps patients feel energized without causing lethargy or drowsiness, and is compatible with other products as well. This medicine is mainly used for relief from stress, depression, and fatigue without heavy sedation.

“KNOX Gemma Hybrid” and “Kastor Indica” – Offers Relief from Worst Cancer Side Effects

The KNOX Gemma Hybrid, considered the most powerful KNOX cannabis, is highly effective for treating the worst side effects of cancer. It combats symptoms of appetite loss and nausea in those who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Gemma contains high doses of THC and is specifically designed for those who need strong and immediate doses of THC. Kastor Indica is the other powerful medicine, used for prolonged relaxation and sleep. It delivers the highest concentrations of THC for providing maximum pain relief. Derived from an Indica-dominant strain, it can induce sleep in patients who suffer from the severe side effects of conventional cancer therapies and insomnia.

“Odra Hybrid” and “Polaris Indica” – For Energy and Muscle Tremors

Odra Hybrid is very popular for relief from intense symptoms and it gives a relaxed sense of euphoria. Odra contains a hybrid blend, providing the best energizing effects to the cancer patients. Polaris Indica is also prescribed for patients who suffer from the initial side effects of chemotherapy and is beneficial for reducing nerve pain and muscle tremors. Generally, the Polaris medicine is prescribed to the patients who are starting a medical cannabis regimen.

“Regor CBD” – For Treating Insomnia

Regor is helpful in treating various serious health problems, such as chronic pain, lack of appetite anxiety, and stress. It also offers a mild state of relaxation with few to no psychoactive effects.. The low THC content and high CBD concentration are perfect for those who desire the medicinal value of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

“Subra Sativa” – Offers Long Lasting and Energizing Effects

Subra Sativa is prescribed for those who need energizing and long lasting effects. Thus, it provides immediate and prolonged relief from severe pain, stress, and depression. This fast acting product is made of pure Sativa plants that are specifically bred for lower CBD/higher THC concentrations.

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