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  1. Hello. I’m a desperate grandfather and the family agrees to try RSO My grandson was diagnosed with dipg. 3 weeks ago and the symptom are devastating and rapid. I live in Florida and they live in massachusetts. I will do almost anything to at least try this treatment.

  2. Hello, I’m a 65 year-old professional musician, married to a long-time critical-care nurse. I developed a very bad lower-back about 12-years ago, along with 2 blown-out knees, both which I had surgery on to repair a torn meniscus about 11-years ago. My left knee turned out kind of OK, but my right knee hasn’t been so good, as if I step in any sort of divot on hard surfaces or grass, dirt,,,whatever, there’s a slight backwards movement that means I’m walking with a slight limp and substantial pain. With my back problems, I go to a orthopedic doctor/pain management doctor/ anesthesiologist every 3-months who injects a major steroid cocktail around 3 vertebrae that have almost no cartilage between them which causes serious arthritis and is extremely painful. Plus I have serious arthritis in both hips, so I get injections in both of them as well. The injections work very well, enabling me to function quite well. But when I get close to the 3-month mark I’m almost completely disabled. So I see him every 3-months and it saves me from being unable to function. He has prescribed me to take 4 10-mg Lortabs per day, which help me with the pain, but after taking them for over 10-years I’m very addicted. I’ve read about Rick Simpson Oil and have heard great reviews from several people who use it for pain relief and other ailments. so I want to try Rick Simpson Oil. I also was in a serious auto accident almost 9-years ago. I was hit by a semi-truck, causing me to go through my driver-side window. My left eye was ripped and the area around it was fractured and had to be re-built. I lost my vision in my left eye and have had to learn how do live without any sense of dimension. It has been and will always be the most challenging result of my injuries, but I’ve had to adjust and try to get used to my life in a 1-D world. I had to undergo 8-hours of brain-surgery, which has taken me every bit of the years since the wreck to recover from and adjust to how it affected me. I actually died for a few minutes, but my wife was saved by the air-bags and after being helped out of the car, some people had covered my head with some towels that were in the car. They tried to hold her back from coming to the car to see me, but a policeman arrived right about that time and climbed in the back seat and held me upright while my wife performed CPR on me and got me breathing again. She’s a critical-care nurse, so she knows how to handle this kind of stuff…lucky me! But I’ve kind of grown into who I am since the wreck and the brain surgery and have had to adjust my life around what I am capable to do and what I am incapable to do. I’m very thankful for being a musician, because it’s been great mental and physical therapy through the whole recuperative process. My ulna (sp?) nerve in my left fore-arm was squashed by the car-door, so I couldn’t feel or move my left hand for the first month after the wreck. This wasn’t a good thing, as I’m a bassist/guitarist and my left hand is what I need and depend on to do what I’ve done for over 50-years. But after about a month, I started getting a bit of feeling every day after sleeping for the night or day-time. And I’ve regained about 99.7% feeling in my hand and complete control, so that has luckily turned out very well. But I have had 2 major seizures in the almost 9 years since the wreck, both of which put me in the hospital and cost big bucks, along with wiping me out from having major flailing about and then having to be controlled by emergency personnel that came to get me under control and take me to the hospital. I was bruised all over my arms and other places and it took a long time to heal from that. But it only cost me a week’s work both times, so I think I’m fairly unbreakable, both physically and spiritually. So once again, I think I would be a strong patient to try Rick Simpson Oil for my various dings and ailments.

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